Tuesday, August 3, 2010

wipeout hd

DEVELOPER: SCE Studio Liverpool
Progress: 7% trophies as of posting

Racing fans get ready for the future. WipEout HD was one of the first five Playstation games to receive the upgrade to 3D. Sony has recently upgraded their PS3 system to be 3D ready for new corresponding 3D Televisions. This update was a digital download straight to the system. WipEout HD may have come out in 2008 but it is not a new game; in fact this franchise has been on each of the PS systems. WipEout HD has a large fan base and is just the latest iteration from the franchise. Wipeout HD is also one of the first "full games" to be available on the PS Store and most recently as a free download to PS Plus subscribers. I happened to subscribe, so strap into your hovercraft and don your 3D glasses (sold separately) and let's check out WipeOut HD.

WipEout HD has a futuristic floating vehicle over space age tracks that are challenging to navigate. Add to that a weapon and defense pick up items for combat. This is no cart racer though this is a serious racing game. WipEout is, by far, the staple for futuristic anti-gravity racing. Some close comparisons to the gameplay might be X-Treme G or Pod racer from N64 and most definitely F-Zero. These games might give you an inkling of what to expect but WipEout is leagues beyond them. The art style of the game is like a living party flyer and the game sports a matching electronica soundtrack. I'm no expert in electronica but it sounds good to me.

WipEout HD sports some addictive game play. What seems so easy can suddenly get out of control and full of nail-biting racer excitement. Playing the game online is done with just a few navigation controls and is very easy. Set up multiplayer races with up to 12 friends and/or your PSN buddies. Split screen is also available for some at home head-to-head racing.

This is the first game I've experienced in 3D. Not having a 3D TV myself I found a 3D set up at the Sony Style store in New York City. Surprisingly, the store wasn't packed at all and I actually had to ask them to set it up so I could play. It looks cool. For sure, it looks like 3D; which to me looks like different 2D images featured at different depths. Am I going to trade in my TV? Heck no but when it dies (and yours will too) why not get my next TV 3D ready?

Couple of things that bugged me:
- Wearing glasses (of course) but glasses that need to be charged like a controller?
- To every one else not wearing glasses 3D TV looks like printed 3D material. Which looks like the cyan, magenta and yellow is not aligned correctly.
- While Wipeout HD looks great; It has graphical qualities that lend itself to 3D. I doubt most games given the 3D treatment will.

Price of the game was great the required new TV not so much

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