Sunday, November 28, 2010

bionic commando rearmed

DEVELOPER: Team17 Software

Progress: 100%

Most would agree that nostalgia can be a powerful force, especially when influencing which video games you spend your time playing. I've told you, or someone else has, that "your memory of a game may be better than it actually was". This holds true for most old games and some movies as well. Times have changed and games have improved so much it can be jarring to replay some of the classics after a while. Their limited game play controls and simple 8 bit graphics just can't compete. One such game that stands up to the test of time is the original Bionic Commando.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

independent games festival @ babycastles arcade

PLATFORM: Babycastles Arcade
LOCATION: New York City
MY STATUS: Missed the opening but played the games

Right here in midtown NYC we have a little piece of the 2010 Independent Games Festival happening. There is a pop up art space on 42nd Street, split as the Showpaper Gallery/Babycastles Arcade. This great spot features about 6 very unique old school arcade cabinets each decorated with its own style. Running on these are highlights from the 2010 IGF. While I was there I got to play Joe Danger, Tuning, Super Meat Boy, Star Guard and Continuity.

The Showpaper Gallery also features the sculptures of Mark Stilwell who I had the pleasure of briefly meeting. He explained that some of his sculptures are actually costumes for a performance magnificently titled Mega Beast vs Mega Defense Force. Pictures are after the jump enjoy.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

alien breed: impact

DEVELOPER: Team17 Software

Progress: Level 3 with 13% of trophies

Sometimes games can be so gargantuan, so all encompassing, that they feel more like a bad lashing than something fun you can enjoy. You know what I mean: games with 70+ hour story lines, a minimum of three play-throughs in order to enjoy the full story and not to mention a big boss fight that has you so rattled you get fed up you put the game down for months before you are willing to try again. And then there is the constant reminder of that game on your shelf staring at you, taunting you...

If you find yourself in this predicament then let me remind you of the joy that can be had with lighter, arcade-style games, specifically Alien Breed: Impact. It features game elements like aliens and machine guns, that I like, but without the massively deep plot line and subsequent motion comics and source material you need to consume just to enjoy the experience. Don't misunderstand, this is not a groundbreaking game style, nor does it have a gripping story but it is a lively shoot-em-up that you can just jump in and play. The game also offers a on-line/offline co-op option for your buddies to join in.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


DEVELOPER: Subatomic Studios

Progress: 60%

I don't think much of "PS minis"; the smaller, more affordable and downloadable-only games, originally designed for the PSP and PSP Go and since ported to the PS3. Generally, I find them unimaginative, small and ultimately a waste of time. I have found few exceptions to this thinking, but I'm happy to say Fieldrunners is one of them. This is yet another iteration of the ever popular tower defense style games. The goal with Fieldrunners: stop enemies from crossing the field by building various styles of towers to kill them. Strategy is key. Placing your towers and using them to steer the oncoming herd of villains is how victory is accomplished.