Wednesday, February 9, 2011

spyro (ps one classic)

RELEASE DATE: 10/2011 PS Plus (Originally 10/1997)
DEVELOPER: Insomniac

Progress: 70%

Commuting can be rough. The monotony of the same trip to work everyday can lead to depression and at its worse needless rage. Looking around any subway car I can see almost everyone's eyes glued to their damned iPhones playing "games". Some of us know the truth, while their are a few exceptions, real games are played on game systems. Lately, I've be chugging through one such game on my PSP. Making progress in 30 minute intervals during my commute. It is safe to say the little dragon named Spyro is helping with my sanity.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

last weeks links volume 3

It's my busy time of year at the ol' day job. Which is only barely offset by playing my heart out in Little Big Planet 2 on the PS3 and Spyro (PS1) during my commute on the PSP. I want to be farther along in both games before I write a review. In lieu of this week's review I have another volume of great linkage for you.