Sunday, September 30, 2012

retro gaming ads | early marvel

Early video game ads didn't have the hot-shot graphics that we have today. Advertising for these games was nothing short of a marketing swindle with artwork that really had nothing to do with the game in question. None more-so-than early Marvel titles for the Atari, Gameboy and NES. Making use of some of the hottest comic talents around these ads steered the young consumer hearts straight to the stores; but when we got home that cover art was no where to be found in-game.

Even still, some the artwork produced for these games was fantastic; others are close to laughable. Take a gander of some of these early Marvel video game print ads from various comic books of the time. Presenting the return of the Retro Gaming Ads...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

2 old 2 play update

In case you were unaware, I write regular posts for another gaming site called 2 Old 2 A website community for gamer 25 and older. I try to avoid double posting the content here on Gamedae for the most part. I’ll continue to do these update posts with links to my articles over there. Quick and easy links for my readers and also myself. Picking up where I left off in my last 2 Old 2 Play update, I’ve been a busy blogger for the older gamers.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

remote play

One of the big, new features of the Nintendo Wii U system is the ability to continue-the-game without using the TV. This independence from the television is rarely seen in the gaming world (one could argue that handhelds provide this). No need to wait for next gen consoles, this experience is available today through Playstation's Remote Play! Stealing the thunder right out from Nintendo this updated feature was first announced during Sony's E3 keynote but was brought to life with the latest System Updates for PS3 (4.21) and PS Vita (1.80).

Monday, September 10, 2012

back to the future the game

RELEASE: 02/2011 | PLATFORM: PS3 | DEV: Telltale Games | ESRB: T for Teen

It’s exciting to see when developers like Telltale Games play bring their unique take to some fun franchise licences. Their point-and-click style, adventure games remind me a lot of the Choose Your Own Adventure books I used to read, in which, players are presented with a decision and that decision decides the next direction the narrative will take. The story-focused game style adapts well to established books and movies. Previously, Telltale Games has adapted a Jurassic Park story set within the parameters of that movie. This game, based on the classic 80’s film Back to the Future is sure to be a hit with movie fans, just maybe not all gamers.