Tuesday, August 31, 2010

last week's links volume 1

The other night I settled in for a night of Netflix streaming. Found and re-watched Street Fighter 2 The Animated Movie. I enjoyed it so much I dug around the streaming movies library and found Street Fighter Alpha Generations then decided to make it a double feature night. I found a couple more SF animated movies going to check them all out eventually.

Monday, August 23, 2010

joe danger

Progress: 35%

GAMEDAE DISCLAIMER: Welcome our newest casual game critic, Pixel Princess -- it is what it is.

If you are a die-hard, old-school Mario Kart fan (if I was cool I would say Excite Bike here, but I am me, so I say Mario Kart!) but find yourself squealing and running into walls playing Burnout or Modnation, then Joe Danger is for you! It is also for those who have mastered the latest racing game and really anyone who is up for a ridiculously fun, fast paced challenge that requires just the right amount of skill, enthusiasm and chutzpah.

The premise is simple, you are Joe Danger, a racing legend, has-been, and you are on your comeback tour - showing off all your skills and winning challenges in order to earn enough stars to continue to unlock new levels.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

the tester casting call round 3


Progress: Round 3 (1/100)

I must confess, I just signed up for this cause I saw the word Playstation on the site. Next thing I knew it's a battle for votes - may the best contenders (or perhaps just those who have figured out a way to rack up thousands of votes) survive! I've been wandering around Home and mentioning it at poker games and harassing my friends and family to vote for me daily. If you read this site, I hope you are voting and if not, you need to vote for me each day during this last week! It is not looking great for the top 10 spot for me but I've managed to stay on the second page of Contestants for pretty much the whole game. So without begging too hard please vote and lets get me working for Playstation!

Hit the jump for some pictures of the host and my submission for the round three essay*:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

wipeout hd

DEVELOPER: SCE Studio Liverpool
Progress: 7% trophies as of posting

Racing fans get ready for the future. WipEout HD was one of the first five Playstation games to receive the upgrade to 3D. Sony has recently upgraded their PS3 system to be 3D ready for new corresponding 3D Televisions. This update was a digital download straight to the system. WipEout HD may have come out in 2008 but it is not a new game; in fact this franchise has been on each of the PS systems. WipEout HD has a large fan base and is just the latest iteration from the franchise. Wipeout HD is also one of the first "full games" to be available on the PS Store and most recently as a free download to PS Plus subscribers. I happened to subscribe, so strap into your hovercraft and don your 3D glasses (sold separately) and let's check out WipeOut HD.