Friday, October 29, 2010

last week's links volume 2

Well, it is now the eve of Halloween weekend and I haven't played (or written) a lot this week so I'm giving you another instalment of Last Week's Links. Lets kick it off with a struggle for human kind. Personally, I haven't been into the Resistance franchise yet. Resistance 3, from Insomniac Games, hits this holiday season. This amazing live action trailer has me very excited get into the battle and now I may go pick up Resistance 2. I think I can skip the first one at this point.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

dead space
by b-real

Progress: 100%

Are you tired of having to shoot zombies in the head to take them out? Has firing 10 rounds into a Nazi’s chest become lackluster? Well then, Dead Space is the third person shooter for you! The name of the game is to amputate the limbs of the aliens, any way you can. Thus, Dead Space is all about precision. It’s not tedious precision; it’s more like really scary carnage, with a bit of surgery.

nycc cosplayers

PLATFORM: NY Comic Con 2010
RELEASE DATE: Oct. 8-10,2010
LOCATION: New York City
MY STATUS: Wish I was still there

Getting in the mood for Halloween with the fancy new zombified Gamedae banner up top. I hope you dig it I had fun making it. Also, there was so much to see at this year's comic con I thought I would dedicate another entire post to pictures I have of the cosplayers this year. People have been dressing up for years for these kinds of conventions but these days it is referred to as cosplay; short for "costume play", it is a type of performance art. Participants dress in costumes that represent a certian character or idea. Often they mimic characters from Japanese manga, American comic heroes and video games. However, anything goes. There was even a pricey book documenting the rise of cosplay in America for sale at the con that looked worth picking up. Enjoy the gallery starting with the Bioshock Big Daddy (above) after the jump.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

new york comic con 2010

PLATFORM: NY Comic Con 2010
RELEASE DATE: Oct. 8-10,2010
LOCATION: New York City
MY STATUS: Friday/Saturday

Welcome to a partial look at NY Comic Con. In case you've been sleeping under a rock this event has gone completely mainstream becoming the hub for all things movies, television and of course video games. It is impossible to actually try to recap it all for you. I'll be reporting on all the games I saw of course but even still it is tough to get to see them all. This year there were major booths for a lot of top brands and some great games being showcased. Comic Con can get very busy and crowded, the crowds were estimated to be close to 100,000 over the three days. However whether it was some guy sporting a giant backpack of a half naked fairy princess bumping into you as you try to find your way down the "alleys" everyone seems to get along very well. It is a strange paradise that celebrates all things sci-fi and fantasy. I took as many pictures as I could of the action.

Monday, October 11, 2010

demon's souls

DEVELOPER: FromSoftware
Progress: 0%

Demon's Souls recently made the PlayStation "hit list" meaning: it's been giving Greatest Hits status. Greatest Hits labeling means a lower price tag and usually a resurface of active players online--not that this game needs it. This game was originally released in Japan and its fans have been spotted all over in North America. DS has cult followings both online and around the world wide web with numerous web pages like this and this and that, where players gather to trade walk-throughs, item knowledge and strategy.

Demon's Souls is set in medieval times, where you face armored knights, ogre hoards, dragons and of course demons. It is a very action oriented take on, the sometimes slow, Role Playing Game (RPG) genre. The medieval setting is done very well with all the dirt and blood you may expect from the time. Players have access to various RPG characters classes as you may have expected, each one with their own intricacies. However you choose to start out, you begin at the foot of a castle with heavy, clunky armor and a sword. A glowing spot on the floor, left by another online player, reads "the real Demon's Souls begins here."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


DEVELOPER: Semi Secret Software
Progress: 5683km (so far)

Every now and then a game comes along that really gets under your skin. You hear the music and find yourself reliving the moments in your head. You run back to play it every chance you get -- not so much to advance or improve but rather, just to get your fix.

Canabalt is one of those games. This truly casual game, which anyone could get into, has graphics that consist of simple game sprites and even simpler backgrounds with only one thing the player needs to do: jump. One button control is all that's needed to play and in some cases it is as simple as just tapping the screen. As the game's tag line says "Outrun the demolition of your city with just one button!". This is a survival game, meaning: try not to fall and you can keep going. Your character simply runs from roof-top to roof-top, hurtling through the air. The only control is the jump button which is sensitive allowing you to choose a lighter jump rather than a longer jump.