Friday, October 29, 2010

last week's links volume 2

Well, it is now the eve of Halloween weekend and I haven't played (or written) a lot this week so I'm giving you another instalment of Last Week's Links. Lets kick it off with a struggle for human kind. Personally, I haven't been into the Resistance franchise yet. Resistance 3, from Insomniac Games, hits this holiday season. This amazing live action trailer has me very excited get into the battle and now I may go pick up Resistance 2. I think I can skip the first one at this point.

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Still looking for some last minute costume ideas? Maybe some choice animated shows will give you the inspiration you need. The Hub is a new network available through your cable provider. With my axles still greased from Transformers War for Cybertron, I'm very interested in this all new (canon) Transformers Prime. It features new character designs for all your favorite Transformers but they are heavily influenced by TF: WfC, which makes me very hopeful. Transformers: Prime debuts November 29th. There is also another reboot featuring some of the classic GI Joe characters in the works from the same network, called GI Joe: Renegades.

Seeing some scantily clad, sexy referee costumes on Halloween is about as close as I get to playing sports. We haven't covered any sports games here on Gamedae yet, but we are always looking to make that change. I read a interesting take on the recent Fifa 11 vs Madden 11. While we are talking football check out this amazing home commentary during a Madden game. Doesn't that make you want to throw the ol' pig skin around?

What good is Halloween unless you watch dozens of horror movies. Well Netflix streaming has you covered. After the recent update to the service you can now stream Netflix without the disc. I didn't realize the disc was a huge problem for some but alas the cure is here. Now what am I going to do with my Netflix streaming discs?

Couple weeks back now I posted a gallery of cosplay images from the NYCC. Judging by my blog stats you readers liked it. In case you didn't get your full cosplay fix, here is the official Marvel Cosplay Gallery.

And finally yet another marketing email got my attention. Nintendo is releasing limited edition Mario 25th Annivesary Wii consiles in red. What I found most interesting is the new Wii Remote Plus which sports a built in Wii MotionPlus. The package also comes with Wii Sports and New Super Mario Brothers Wii.

This concludes this volume of Last Week's Links. I want to wish all my readers a scary, horror-movie, scary-game filled Halloween weekend! And, don't forget to watch the Walking Dead on Sunday night at 10pm on AMC!

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