Tuesday, September 7, 2010

transformers: war for cybertron

DEVELOPER: High Moon Studios

PUBLISHER: Activision
Progress: 35% of trophies at time of posting

Lets talk about childhood dreams for a minute shall we. I don't know about you but when I was a kid I had some very specific things I wanted from the future. I wanted Jason to fight Freddy, I wanted to see Aliens fight the Predator, I even wanted working hoverboards (still waiting on those I guess) But most of all I wanted to be a Transformer. Now this review may be a little bit tainted like the Dark Energon scorching through Megatron's veins but here we go.

Presenting a new contributor and format for reviews on Gamedae®: The co-op review. Welcome Verdeberg my go-to online companion. Hit the jump to read the new mulitplayer review format.

ANOTHERDAE: Transformers: War for Cybertron features an array of co-op greatness 2-3 players in the campaign mode alone! Not to mention the different multiplayer modes I'm inclined to say this game was made to be played online. I've gotten used to playing major games co-op and sharing the experience with a friend. I almost expect it now as long as it fits the story. Transformers is a perfect example.

VERDEBERG: Transformers: War for Cybertron wasn't much of a tough sell for me. This game is all about choices and since I was 4 or 5 I have been battling with the decision of whether I would choose the side of the Autobots or Decepticons. The inclusion of a co-op campaign mode was the icing on the cake. As far as I am concerned all 3rd person shooters should include a co-op campaign mode if there is more than one playable character in the story mode.

A: The gameplay is much like what you would expect from a 3rd person shooter. Guns, grenades as well as each Transformer having his unique abilities. Jetfire can produce a sentry gun, Optimus an EMP, Shockwave a force barrier, etc. A well integrated transforming feature adds elements of racing and flying to the game as well as doubles your arsenal.

V: Like I was saying before War for Cybertron is all about choices. The gameplay is yet another example. Because you are playing as a "Transformer" you have the option of playing any moment of the game as the robot or its transformed disguise. Each character is outfitted with their personalized weapons in both forms and both have their advantages in battle and in transit. The "transforming" gets some taking used to and the options seem a little overwhelming at first but before you know it you are sucked into the story and each motion becomes common sense and you find yourself thinking like a Transformer.

While I love this game there are some gameplay flaws that I hope are fixed in the (fingers crossed) next installment of the Transformers saga. Most are gameplay related. The most frustrating gameplay omissions are that your robot cannot grab walls, ledges, climb, crouch, or hide in any way. All of these options would be very helpful through your journey through Cybertron. That being said, I eagerly await the next game with wallet in hand.

A: Story-wise this is perfect, Michael Bay should bear witness to the wrong he's done with those poorly scripted movies of his. Focusing on everyone's favorite Generation 1 characters War for Cybertron produces canon approved, histories written for these beloved robots, without stomping on any beloved existing story lines. The game adds depth and a believable history to the Transformers: the beginnings of the great battle between Autobot and Decepticon.

V: From the start of the game you have the choice to start the game at chapter one where you experience the game as team Decepticon or start at chapter 6 and play as team Autobot. Without giving too much away storywise, there are some reveals during gameplay that, as a Transformers fan, are chill inducing.

A: Playing this game, it features everything I loved from the 80's cartoon but the toys lacked, scale, Optimus's laser axe, and casualties.

V: As someone who owns and loves Transformers The Movie from 1987, my standards for a Cybertron set Transformers game are high. The animation in this game is fluid and flawless. I would watch this game as a movie.

A: Metal on metal, as they say. Multiplayer show downs compete with some of the best shooters in the market. Many different game modes including the ever popular free for all and team based multiplayer modes.

V: Get your Deathmatch and Transformers fix at the same time. But be prepared, just like every deathmatch, some people are just too good.

A: The available download content (DLC) seems fun adding new maps for multiplayer and new "chassis" for your mulitplayer character mods. With a second batch on the way. I hope they add more for us co-op play lovers.

V: Anotherdae and I differ in opinion when it comes to the DLC for this game. Personally I feel that the DLC pricing is a bit steep for what it is. But this is also a gripe I have with a lot of game's DLC pricing. I personally feel 10 dollars is a lot to ask for a few new characters to play as only in multiplayer mode and 2 multiplayer settings. If I am paying 60 dollars for a full game with a slew of multiplayer options I expect the DLC pricing to be in the same scale price-wise. Its a slippery slope to where suddenly I find myself paying upwards of 80 dollars for a game.

A: Stand outs include the Escalation mode, see how long you can last, where you fight wave after increasingly, hard waves of adversaries.

V: If at any time during the near endless battles while playing in story mode you find yourself saying "I wish these waves of Decepticons/Autobots would never stop so I could battle forever" Escalation is the mode for you.

A: The story's campaign mode ends with near impossible boss battles, one after another. Featuring the "shoot at the glowing red spot" tactics. It's hard and you will have to replay a lot but knuckle down with a friend; it is possible.

V: The story's campaign mode lends itself so well to co-op gameplay. It's hard to imagine beating many of the afore mentioned nearly endless battles without a wingman.

We know you have your choices of great games out there, seems to be more now then ever before and it's not even the Holiday season. If you have any love for the 80's cartoon you owe it to yourself to pick up Transformers: War for Cybertron. Transformer fans have been burned before with some poor games. War for Cybertron hopefully will set the pace for more to come. I for one would love to see were Activision/Hasbro might take the story next.

Game site: www.transformersgame.com

I would have waited an eternity for this. It's over, Prime.


  1. Great new format! I like the back and forth.

    I have to say that I agree with VERDEBERG on DLC pricing. It should be free or less than $1 to get add on content for games already purchased.