Monday, September 27, 2010

grand turismo 5 event

Running off a tip from the PlayStation blog I found out about a surprise event in Times Square, NYC. Honda was throwing this massive event focused around their car and 3D tech. Walking up to the heavily branded event sponsors were on hand. Maxim girls were passing out 3D glasses and the current issue featuring Anna Kournikova in 3D. Honda was showing off their new CR-Z Sport Hybrid coupe which is one of the playable cars in Grand Turismo 5. Of course, there was a Grand Turismo 5 station at the event. With custom "racing sled" set ups where you could try out the new game in 3D. Hardly enough time to do a decent review but the lines were fairly short. The highlight of the event was a free concert by N.E.R.D. which sounded pretty good. The event hosts also showed the first 3D comercial featuring the CR-Z which was impressive but still just a commercial. Also, wearing 3D glasses outside in public is a little weird.

More photos of the event (and models) after the jump:

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