Sunday, September 16, 2012

remote play

One of the big, new features of the Nintendo Wii U system is the ability to continue-the-game without using the TV. This independence from the television is rarely seen in the gaming world (one could argue that handhelds provide this). No need to wait for next gen consoles, this experience is available today through Playstation's Remote Play! Stealing the thunder right out from Nintendo this updated feature was first announced during Sony's E3 keynote but was brought to life with the latest System Updates for PS3 (4.21) and PS Vita (1.80).
Remote Play allows you to play PS3 games (both disk based and downloaded) off your home console through your PS Vita without needing the television. If you listen closely, cheers from significant others’ everywhere who desperately need to watch their shows can be heard. The Remote Play library is limited right now with only two titles: the God of War collection (specifically GOW 1 & 2) and the Ico & Shadow of the Colossus games. Both of these collections require a quick patch through the PS3 but are then fully playable on the PS Vita. I’m excited for the potential to play more games like this. Sony’s exact plan for rolling out Remote Play is not yet known.

Besides the game updates, you will need a wifi connection but your home wireless setup should work just fine, to use Remote Play. Tune your PS3 to the “Remote Play” setting in the XMB. Then fire up your PS Vita and open the Remote Play app. Select your connection and instantly your PS3 XMB is available to you on the PS Vita screen. You can navigate the full XMB as well as your library of games, movies, music and pictures. Just to reiterate not all games are fully supported (yet) but the two collections mentioned previously are as well as a number of PS1 classics, some PS minis and strangely, anything made by Pixeljunk.

Below are some PS Vita screenshots depicting the process of logging into Remote Play. Step by step instructions from PS can be found here.

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