Wednesday, November 24, 2010

independent games festival @ babycastles arcade

PLATFORM: Babycastles Arcade
LOCATION: New York City
MY STATUS: Missed the opening but played the games

Right here in midtown NYC we have a little piece of the 2010 Independent Games Festival happening. There is a pop up art space on 42nd Street, split as the Showpaper Gallery/Babycastles Arcade. This great spot features about 6 very unique old school arcade cabinets each decorated with its own style. Running on these are highlights from the 2010 IGF. While I was there I got to play Joe Danger, Tuning, Super Meat Boy, Star Guard and Continuity.

The Showpaper Gallery also features the sculptures of Mark Stilwell who I had the pleasure of briefly meeting. He explained that some of his sculptures are actually costumes for a performance magnificently titled Mega Beast vs Mega Defense Force. Pictures are after the jump enjoy.

Babycastles Arcade @ The Showpaper 42nd Street Gallery
216 East 42nd Street
Manhattan, NY

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  1. This was a fun show. Everyone should go check out some of the innovative games on display.