Sunday, July 25, 2010

modnation report 03

DEVELOPER: United Front
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I wouldn't be doing much in the way of reporting if I didn't warn my readers about the game-stopping load times in ModNation Racers. It is a crippling factor you should be aware of before purchasing that hides the beauty and hard work that so obviously went into making this game. The game is still bananas-fun but I'd feel bad not telling you outright.

Trying to find updates on the load times is not easy. United Front Games is pretty tight lipped about it but they are aware and working on the issue. Searching the community forums you will find lots of complaints but ultimately, too few people to create an actual community. The best I found in my search was a "We are listening" post on the PS Blog. Which has been updated weekly with little hints on what is in store for "the patch". Hopefully, it will be worth the wait and include not only faster load times but some fun game modes and extras.

Here are some more of the nicely designed but seen all too often load screens in ModNation Racers. 

That said, I don't want my third report on ModNation Racers to be all complaining.

One of the best ways to play ModNation is online XP Races. In game, you can use "quick access" to gain entry into an online match with up to 12 other online players. Once the count down light turns green it is pretty much crazy time with online players usually being better than the AI in campaign mode. You never know what short cuts others have found and you feel the vengeance when you get clobbered with weapons.

XP races can be either single races or a series (up to 5 laps) of races. For every race you finish, you gain Race XP for speed, stunts, and combat pulled off during the race. You can then "level up" and progress through the various classes. XP level 4-5 had me listed as a "Rookie III" currently I'm at level 7 which a much better title of "Prospect I". 

Sadly, every race in the game is effected by the horrible load times.  However, I will remain loyal and await the fateful "patch."

8/4 UFG has released the first title update 1.02 for Modnation Racers. Improved load times and XP game play. Read all the details here.

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