Saturday, July 17, 2010

the tester casting call


Progress: Round 2 (1/500)

Last season PSN proved they could create some original content for the community with the reality game show The Tester. Despite its quirkiness the show was fun to watch and successfully integrated itself into the PS Store and PS Home spaces. Eleven contestants and 8 episodes of surprises gave the lucky winner, Cyrus, a dream job as a Playstation Game Tester. With season one now under their belt the good folks at Playstation are ready for season two. This time the PS Community gets to vote to elect some of the cast and anyone can try out! 

I have made it through to round 2 but I need your votes! Click the link and vote (sorry about the registration but it seems safe to me).

I joined up to see what kind of chances I would have. I mean, what Playstation gaming fan wouldn't want to be on this show? Now according to the website out of thousands (I assume) of entries 500 have made it on to round 2. The contest is quite interactive, requiring write ups, pictures and video. You may learn a little too much about me. Trying to have some fun with it and not get my hopes up. I wonder what work would say if I actually won?

You can view episode teases of season 1 on The Tester website. Each episode had the contestants perform a physical challenge that the judges related to a quality a good tester should have. How you use time, memory, and team work were some of the skills the judges were looking for. I've posted the teaser of one of my favorite episodes here.

I'm going to be concentrating on my Tester campaign for another week but expect some fresh reviews and reports from Gamedae soon. Thanks for reading and, once again, please, go vote: anotherdae.

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