Sunday, June 6, 2010


DEVELOPER: Frontier Developers

Progress: 100%

Wiiware is Nintendo's first step into the downloadable game market. The choices are slim and most are not very good. LostWinds is a hidden gem among some of the bad offerings on the Wiiware system. The game takes full advantage of the unique Wii  console motion control system. You play as the lovable Toku and his spirit guide Enril. With Enril's help, you navigate Toku through the levels, which are basically puzzles utilizing the motion control system. While Enril is an important character in the game, he is always by your side because he is actually your Wiimote cursor. Using Enril you can control the wind and propel Toku, who cannot jump, across chasms and higher and higher ledges. LostWinds is very short game, and is really just the first three chapters of a larger story to be told in future releases.

The excellent graphics are what first attracted me to this game. It's better looking than most disk based Wii games. The cell shading and level designs are superb and a great showing for Nintendo. LostWinds graphics are exellent dispite the Wii's lack of HD, unlike the other consoles of this current generation.

Although the graphics look 3D the game plays as a 2D side scroller; however, you do traverse left and right rather than just a linear path forward. Game play with the Wiimote can be challenging. It takes some practice to master pointing the Wiimote at the TV and guiding the winds at Toku, so you can move ahead in the game.  Those who master the triple wind toss will distinguish themselves as mastering the main skill needed to play effectively. The wind can also be used for some added challenges such as moving fire to burn branches or moving water to moisten plants. These actions solve puzzles, allowing you to advance throughout the game. LostWinds is one case where the game wouldn't work nearly as well without the the Wiimote's motion control -- it was clearly developed to utilize the Wiimote.

  • Great graphics
  • Original game play
  • Cursor is a character
  • Very short
  • Can be frustrating
  • Final boss is too easy
This first installment of LostWinds is a success in my mind and has me looking forward to the second, LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias. I've already downloaded it so my readers, look forward to another LostWinds review.

A genius use of the Wii's controls


  1. in my opinion, one of the best written posts thus far. congrats on the great improvement. and even better to come, im sure of it!

  2. So many junk titles on the Wii sent me away from it, with a few returns for Mario or fleeting hopes that Wii sports will somehow be more enjoyable than it was the last time. I missed out on the few gems like this one.