Monday, June 21, 2010

E3 2010 impressions

PLATFORM: Electronic Entertainment Expo
MY STATUS: Not invited

I don't understand why this really didn't start last Monday because the doors may not have been open but the content was streaming all over the web. My invitation must have been lost in my junk mail (yuk yuk). Thank god for and and everyone else for their live streams and live blogs. Basking in the glory of E3, safely from behind a monitor
, here are my impressions from this expo and also some of my favorite trailers.

The XBox press conference was the first of the week with an interesting take on motion graphics they dubbed Kinect (previously known as Project Natal). Seemed to be a sad looking conference from what I could see. That horrid green they continue to use makes them look like theme restaurant. I'm not interested in any of the Kinect games at all (I have a Wii). However you just can't ingnore some of the hotter titles coming out for the system. This Rage trailer has my full attention:

EA held its own press conference this year. EA Live Broadcast is how they're going to bring EA MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) into the online realm. tournaments will be held online and thousands of people will be able to watch your match. Looks like EA Sports Active will be available on all systems now. Active 2 will be out for the Wii and the PS3, but it seems like it would be great with Kinect. Deep Space 2 and Crysis 2 look fantastic and Star Wars all ways gets the blood pumping check out The Old Republic.

Nintendo seams ready to play some games finally. Sin and Punishment looks sick, but forget all that, there is a new Legend of Zelda. This Zelda called Skyward Sword looks a lot like Twilight Princess did only brighter. The new handheld 3DS is very curious, very curious, indeed. I really want to see this "handheld 3D"; will I buy my second DS at last? Seems there is always That Game that makes you consider a new system and Kid Icarus for 3DS looks like it might be the one.

Playstation's press conference released a virtual onslaught of games and game play. Their own entry into the Motion control trend called PS Move. A flashlight looking controller with more buttons than the Wiimote. I'm going to hold off on getting this product until I see some software that doesn't look like an old VHS game. And, as they say, they are ready for 3D content with downloads already available on the PSN for those with the right equipment.

PS Home impresses with a much improved online E3 space. Making a "catch 'em all" game out of watching the game trailers available. Looks like the space is ready to expand as well maybe there will be more content. Anyone got an XBox what was on XBox Live? What was happening over there?

For more game trailers check out my long list of links in the side bar. I've been posting them as I see them so I may have missed a few. Next year I hope to be in attendance, the planning starts now. One thing I can take from away from this link fest, for sure, is I'm ready to play some new games.

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