Sunday, June 27, 2010


DEVELOPER: Armor Games
Progress: 100% (Normal Difficulty) 

I stumbled upon a late night gem. Fragger. I know some of you out there are internet game skeptics, but some of them are fun, even if fleeting. If you’ve got 30 minutes or an hour to spare, you can play and probably beat this game. (Well on normal level difficulty).

The concept of the game is to aim your arrow (your throwing arm) and throw grenades at the pinhead goofball looking gray guys. The first couple of levels are very easy and you steam through. Once they throw in the chimneys, pipes and explosives the game gets more interesting. There was a hint button, which will take you to a link that will show you a YouTube clip of how to beat the level. I didn’t need it but was tempted to look at levels 21 and 30. Oh yeah, the game only has 30 levels so it’s quick. Didn’t I say that before? After you beat the game you get access to the hard level difficulty and your army man gets to throw more than one grenade at one time. Granted, I got a couple levels in and didn’t want to play anymore; I’m sure the game gets very difficult. It’s a fun 30 minute post 12:00 pm computer puzzle gaming action. It’s fun give it a try. And come on who doesn’t like blowing things up with grenades?

Game Link: Fragger  

Grade: B
Grenade them Suckas 


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