Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the new chinatown fair

Back where it always was, is the newly opened Chinatown Fair. I have known about this niche arcade since I moved to New York City, though I almost never visited. Having an arcade in town didn’t strike me as being all that novel, almost like, “of course” there is an arcade in town. When it abruptly closed last year was when I started paying attention. I was pretty shocked as it is, all but, a landmark in Chinatown.

Well it’s open again, a lot cleaner and brighter than before just a little light on the games. The new focus on younger, more casual players is evident by the layout of the arcade. There is a large touch screen Fruit Ninja machine as you enter. Following that is the service counter and many carnival-esque games like Hoops, Skeeball and the Drop-A-Quarter games. There are kids running around with streams of tickets in their hands hoping to trade in for candy. Almost hidden, in the way back, are a handful of common arcade fighters. I would say the highlight of the arcade is either the full sized dance machines or the air hockey table.

Pictures from the inside after the jump. Chinatown Fair is located at 8 Mott Street in Manhattan.

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