Sunday, November 6, 2011

continuity 2: the continuation

DEVELOPER: Ragtime Games
RETAIL: .99¢
Progress: lvl 5-5

With my recent acquisition of an iPhone comes a growing interest for mobile game apps. The sheer number of games available is quite daunting. I was pleasantly surprised to find a familiar game available (temporary) for free: Continuity 2 for the iPhone is just what I was hoping for. This psychics based puzzler is casual enough to pick up and play for short intervals, yet difficult enough to challenge your brain for much longer.

I first played the original Continuity at one of the BabyCastles arcades, featuring independent gamers. It was definitely one of the standout games on display. Continuity challenged me and held my interest. This puzzle game involves solving mazes made up of maneuverable tiles. The tiles have to line up perfectly to create a proper path to follow. Later levels open up new opportunities such as maneuvering the iPhone itself to change the direction of gravity or lining up wires of electrical current, on different tiles, to open doors.

The simple graphics may mislead you into thinking that this is going to be an easy game. That may well be their intent. The colors seem purposely sterile and reminds me a bit of the first Portal game, which is also a physics based puzzler, where I'm being tested by some unseen force.

This is a very innovative game. I wouldn't be surprised to see knock offs come out in the future with varied graphic skins. There is no story aspect to Continuity 2 just pure, relentless puzzling. In my head, I found myself thinking about the movie Cube while playing. Of course, Continuity 2 is much less violent and much more fun than that movie.

Always happy to see small studios with successful games

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