Sunday, November 13, 2011

blizzcon 2011 by zoidberger

PLATFORM: Blizzcon 2011
RELEASE DATE: Oct. 21-22, 2011
MY STATUS: Friday/Saturday

The sight of unkempt hair, the smell of questionable hygiene practices these are just a few of the sights and sou....errr smells of this years Blizzcon. Unlike most other conventions where a variety of fans gather (comic, video game, television, and movie) at Blizzcon only one type of fan attends, a Blizzard fan. Once a year as October draws to a close the fanboys of Blizzard Entertainment gather in Anaheim.

I have always been a fan of Blizzard from my first serious online addiction (Diablo 2, Starcraft, and Warcraft 3) to my current play of World of Warcraft and eventual crack addiction known as Diablo 3. Blizzard holds themselves to what I feel is the highest standard of game making on the market. They often use the phrase "when it's ready" when speaking in terms of a release date for their games, not because they aren't sympathetic to the needs of their fans but because they refuse to release anything other than what they feel is the best game they can make.

The weekend is all fan service for the games they have helped build over the 20+ years of game development. This year was filled with a new WoW expansion (The Mists of Pandaria), a trailer for the Starcraft 2 expansion (Heart of the Swarm), as well as more Diablo 3 news and a surprise look at the Starcraft DotA mod (Defense of the Ancients) all of which where playable at this years Blizzcon.

The games aren't the only thing at the convention though; they have a costume contest to award the devoted fans that decide to cosplay for the event. They hold Q&A panels for all of their franchises, tournaments are held for the elite players to test their skills, and a dance contest for those who want to make absolute fools of themselves.

Under the fold are pictures from inside the convention as well as a few pictures from INSIDE Blizzard HQ in Irvine (Thanks to my friend Chris for the hookup) and some after party pictures as well. I was actually able to speak to and take pictures with some of Blizzards game designers (I love you Chris Metzen).

Blizzard HQ-Irvine, CA

Moonkin Cosplay

Jeff and I in front of the Archangel Tyrael

Night Elf Druid Cosplay

When World of Warcraft meets Minecraft

Tom Chilton-Lead Designer for World of Warcraft

Wyatt Cheng-Lead Technical Designer for Diablo 3

Chris Metzen-Vice President of Creative Development for Blizzard

The banners in front of the Anaheim Convention Center were compensating for something

Jeff, Chris and myself as we leave Blizzcon for the weekend

I may have drank too much at one of the after parties cause I don't remember this...

Base of the statue in front Blizzard HQ

Chris and myself in front of the famous Orc statue at the Blizzard HQ

Starcraft 2 matches were played all weekend

Troll Shaman Cosplay

Maieve Cosplay

The fan signature wall inside Blizzcon

My character and server name along with some guildies

I bumped into a member of Paragon the #1 World of Warcraft guild in the world

Samewise Didier-Art Director for Blizzard

Sam and I drink it up at a Blizzcon after party

My single favorite moment at Blizzcon, I don't even need to explain why

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