Sunday, November 3, 2013

New on my Netflix List

Often frustrated searching through the Netflix Instant library, I offer you some recent picks from my own Netflix List. I've gone quite dark with this batch. You'll notice many of the selections lean towards the grimmer story lines. There is a nice variety of the supernatural, science fiction, comedy and even some torture. Let me know if you like one, I'd say the best of the bunch is probably The Brass Teapot.

Also, I wanted to share this link that really helps with finding something to watch on Netflix. The site offers "Most Popular" and "Recently Queued" lists, giving you an idea of what other people are watching. Check out for all your Instant needs. 

Proceed below for my list

The Possession

American Mary

Orange Is the New Black

The Brass Teapot


These picks are little gems found on Netflix Instant that I either missed in theaters or just really never heard of. Not necessarily Oscar worthy or five star but I enjoyed them. Get more Gamedae Netflix Picks

1 comment:

  1. I didn't know Dollhouse is on there! One of Whedon's most imaginative works.