Friday, October 21, 2011

new york comic con 2011

PLATFORM: NY Comic Con 2011
RELEASE DATE: Oct. 13-16, 2010
LOCATION: New York City
MY STATUS: Thursday/Saturday

You are not alone. There are 105,000 people just like you and unless your name is Felicia Day you're pushing through the crowd to get a good look around. Not that anyone minds all that much, every fan boy and girl within driving distance is here to gawk, learn and buy just about everything comic (and video game) related. Come for the big reveals or the niche collectables.

I'm emphasizing the crowd here. The large swarms of people are unkempt, dressed funny and in the way but that's Comic Con and that's how it goes. Luckily, those fans that engage in cosplay provide as much eye candy as at the featured displays. If I were to complain about something, I do believe I spied a lot of return cosplay costumes. Is there a term for this reuse of a costume? Respun... replay... whatev.

Under the fold, please enjoy some pics from most of the video game displays. Shout outs go to Rockstar Games with their cool GTA III The Aniversary stickers and to Transformers Universe for the make your own transformer picture booth. Oh and fuck you Felicia, a guy can't even get into the Dragon Age panel anymore. (JK your great).

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