Monday, October 10, 2011

family fun arcade

PLATFORM: Family Fun Arcade
DATE: Earlier this year
LOCATION: Granada Hills, CA

Located in a quaint shopping center next to a grocery store is a little bit of old school heaven. There are not that many arcades left, especially one that has been open for 37 years. Contrary to it's name this isn't really a "family" place. Family Fun Arcade may be a little run down, dark and a bit intimidating but it's set up perfectly for fighting games. In fact, most of the arcade machines are Street Fighter IV and SF Thirdstrike machines. It has Xbox Live stations with a LAN set up for 2 dollars per half hour. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is set up on another Xbox machine with an over-sized projector screen, cozy chairs and dual fighting sticks. A DDR machine still cranks in the way back. The machines take quarters rather than those darn tokens. It is open really late and is a practice space for upcoming and veteran professional players. If you find yourself in the valley this is arcade of choice for serious gamers. Hit the jump for a peek inside.

Family Fun Arcade on YouTube & a recent post by the owner.


  1. I think this officially makes me a bad friend. Please don't kick me out of the wedding party.

  2. You're in friends (and gamers) like you are hard to find.

  3. Good times with the Simpsons arcade game.

  4. @Jared
    Heck yea! Ate my quarters like Homer eats donuts.