Monday, January 17, 2011

little big planet 2: guinness world records event

PLATFORM: Sony Style Store
LOCATION: New York City

In a sad case of my reporting losing out to lack of patience, I give you a Gamedae On Location report of the setting up of Little Big Planet 2's launch event at the Sony Style store in NYC. Imagine if you will, you have a three day weekend, it is 20° outside with dirty snow on the ground. The Playstation Blog is reporting a live streaming event of Media Molecule guys breaking Guinness World Records. Do you stay in bed all day or get up there and snap some pics? I get up there in the cold (albeit far too early) and snap some pics for you the few, the loyal, the Gamedae readers! Pics after the jump.

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  1. They are still playing for the world record! Check out the live feed: