Friday, June 6, 2014

Late to the Party

In this awkward time of the new-Next Gen, with the looming game expo of the year around the corner, you might think I’d be playing the latest and greatest game titles right now. I’m not. I’ve been in a funk lately, not responding well to some of the best “AAA” games I’ve played. I’m also getting tired of the so-called indie games for the Next/Current Gen systems. Without even knowing it I think I was looking for something simpler and more fun to get into, then, as if the by the grace of the Gods, God of War lands at my feet.


All things in due time I guess, like wrath and vengeance. I’m not talking about any sleeper hit here folks this is the original, PlayStation 2 blockbuster: God of War. I was recently given a PS2 Slim and a good-sized cache of PS2 games, among them the first two GoW games both of which I’ve never owned so the are “new to me”. Sometimes it pays to late to the party.

I never had the original PlayStation systems, not because I couldn’t get them but rather I am a recovering Nintendo die hard. I always felt I had to pick a side back then. Imagine me giddily setting up my “new” PS2 Slim like it was 2006, right next to my PS3 and PS4. I even jumped a little when the disc drive flipped open, I was expecting discs to slip in the side like the newer systems. The most obvious difference with a PS2 is the wired DualShock 2 controller, the cord is very long and really doesn’t get in the way at all.

It took me a good seven bloody nights, but I hacked and slashed my way through this game. The original GoW is quite a rush. It looks great and plays even better. There is very little in the way of menus, the in-game customization is very simple, no HUD. The throwback aspect of playing this “new” at this time is a joy. It’s the opposite of all the titles released so far in 2014, it’s fun rather than a chore.

While I gear up for my next PS2 game to conquer, I’ve been scanning eBay for all the titles I always wanted but never got. I recommend diving into some older games if you are experiencing some of the gamer fatigue I mentioned above. Whether it is for the sake of nostalgia, a recommendation or a gift from the gods, joy riding an older system could be just the thing to get you gaming again.

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