Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Returning to the Citadel

It’s been awhile since I’ve been captaining the space vessel known as the SSV Normandy SR-2. There is a lot of love shared between me and the Mass Effect series. I’ve spent over a 100 hours with some of these characters. With the PS4 release looming in on November 15, I’ve been feeling some pressure to finish off some of my unfinished and (sadly) still sealed games. This time, I’m finally playing the very popular Mass Effect 3.

I got the Mass Effect Trilogy box set back last December. The trilogy box set was the first chance for PS users (the original Mass Effect was an XBox exclusive). I tried playing through
Mass Effect (1), let’s just say I wasn’t really blown away. ME1 is after all a game from 2007 and more the “clunkier cousin” in the franchise. I’ve stoked the fires and even watched the Mass Effect Paragon Lost anime again to get all ready to play ME3

First thoughts, are what a beautiful game this is. It’s seems just like Mass Effect 2 only somehow even better looking. In actuality the graphical enhancements are mild compared to ME2 but the “new game” factor is always exciting. The graphics sometimes have hiccups, some characters might be talking and one is staring off or looking in the wrong direction. Sometimes it seems like the game is pushing the graphics card to the maximum and the PS is stuttering to keep up.

Starting up ME3 you immediately hear some memorable melodies from the franchise which snap you right back into the game. About 2 hours in, I’ve figured ME3 is exactly what I liked about ME2 the gameplay is identical. Even the story structure so far is very much the same: problem in the universe find some allies to defeat it. Obviously the story is much more complex but that's about the gist.

The weapon wheel has returned for accessing your hardware and biotic power set. Also, all the powers you gained in ME2 carry over so there is no need to re-earn them. It may just be me but I’m just focusing on weapon usage so far. I need to remember still what all the different biotic powers are. I’m sure as I progress further through the game the need to balance between and weapons will become paramount.

There was a lot of internet fuss over the ending of this game. Amazingly I’ve remained unspoiled. Really looking forward to seeing how the ending goes, more so than with other games I play. In fact, seeing what all the fuss is about is a major driving point to me finishing this game.

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