Sunday, February 26, 2012

kirby cake

Gamedae supporter Corrie recently sent in some pictures from her daughter's birthday cake that I have to share. This is one of the biggest pink balls of cake I've surely seen. Thanks for sharing, Corrie, we love to see stuff like this. See the making of pictures and story below.

Kayla just turned 8 and is a Mario Bros., Angry Birds and Lego fanatic. Their stories collide regularly in our family room. Anything that includes a story that she can add to, along with its own "world" that she can learn about and build onto, becomes a fast obsession. Not quite sure where she found her first Kirby character but when we saw the cute, round pink guy eating yarn for the first time, we were all hooked (Kirby's Epic Yarn for the Nintendo Wii). Then came a Kirby plushy. Then the question: "Mom, you can make a cake look like that, right?" "Um, sure. I'll have a picture from the Kirby game put onto that edible photo paper." "No, mom, round; like the Ace of Cakes guy ((Duff Goldman) would do it on Food Network." Why do I let the kids watch TV?

Duff's version would likely have been perfect but I did use the supplies he sells to us wannabes at Michael's arts and crafts stores. No recipes really, just used a Wilton's Sports Ball cake pan (which is really just two hemisphere, stainless pans with bases; so they don't go rolling around in the oven) and when making the cake from Duff Goldman's cake mix (chocolate -- YUM) I left some of the fat out of it to make it a bit dryer. A dryer cake keeps its shape better. I used white confectioner's sugar icing, made nice and thick, as the "glue" to hold the two hemispheres together. The icing also holds the fondant pieces onto the cake. Thinly rolled fondant (you can see it is hard to cover a round object, that stuff is even harder to work with in large quantities) and sugar paper for the details on the eyes and Kirby's cute smile. Fondant is like play doh. You can eat it, but no one *really* likes the taste of it. Cool to know though, that all these cute characters are, indeed, edible.

Kirby has lasted -- Kayla would not let us eat his head, so he still sits, sagging, yet still smiling under the weight of the fondant, in the back of our fridge. We may need to keep him forever even though I have lost the use of a shelf in my refrigerator, which is not good when you have a side-by-side and entertain crowds. Oh well, Kayla's happy.

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