Sunday, January 29, 2012

netflix instant queue top picks

During my recent hiatus from the blog I (finally) found enough Netflix recommendations to warrant a post. I'm happy to see newer movies joining the Netflix arsenal sooner. However last year also brings the end to the Starz movies. Luckily that sad information has nothing to do with the movies I've selected for your viewing. Below you'll find my usual recommended dosage of monsters, jokes and even the occasional slayer sighting. Go, stream, now.

Black Water

Louis C.K.: Hilarious


The Nines

The Air I Breathe


Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
These picks are little gems found on the Netflix streaming service that I either missed in theaters or just really never heard of. Not necessarily Oscar worthy or five star but I enjoyed them.

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  1. Louis C.K., Tucker & Dale and The Nines were my faves out of this group.