Sunday, May 15, 2011

netflix instant queue top picks

Finding movies on the Netflix Instant Queue hasn't gotten any easier, in fact after they redesigned the app, it is actually more difficult. I won't claim to know the reasons for this update but I do know that it is across all devices including the iOS devices. Another rather disturbing change is you can no longer request movies on disk via the app; that service is now exclusively on the web site. Is this the first step Netflix is taking to end the disks-by-mail business that they started with? My quest to bring you the movie gems I've discovered doesn't end! See my latest suggestions below the fold.
Last Exile

The Guild
Eden Log
Howard The Duck
The Wizard


  1. The last two are classics, but I thought Stranded was disturbing! :) You can also catch some pretty good tv shows on Netflix instant, such as Weeds, Dexter, and my husband's favorite, Spartacus. They've also got all the old Twilight Zones I believe. Not all seasons are available of course, but it's enough to keep you entertained on a rainy weekend.

  2. Howard the Duck and The Wizard are both indeed classics. I broke my own mission statement of featuring unknown gems and movies I missed. I was excited to see them in the queue though. I've mentioned Spartacus before and I hope Netflix works out a deal with Starz before the next season comes out. Lately, I've been on Jericho marathon. Thanks Jen!

  3. I was wondering how "The Guild" was, Im a WoW nerd and have been curious for a while Ill have to check it out someday.

  4. @zoidberger Definitely check out The Guild WoW meets The Office.