Monday, December 6, 2010

netflix instant queue

PLATFORM: PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, PC

I've been laid up all week with back pain. Really a shame too as I have some hot new releases (see currently playing section) to play. Since I consume movies just as much, if not more, than video games, I would like to discuss my second favorite thing in this generation of game consoles: Netflix Instant Queue. It requires a subscription to Netflix to access the instant queue but it may have you rethinking your cable subscription.

Hit the jump for more and some of my recent Netflix Instant Queue picks

Originally, I was never very interested in this Netflix Streaming service until a free "streaming" disk for the PS3 came in the mail. After all, who wants to watch a movie on your laptop when you have a huge TV in your living room? Streaming through the PS3 is the perfect answer to that problem. The software has recently been updated and does not require any disks at all; making Netflix Streaming an app you can launch right from your system.

The interface for accessing movies is very limited. Thank goodness the regular website has a decent navigation and search. Although not perfect, the interface works well enough to easily fill up your queue with stuff you will want to watch. Use for searching out titles and simply enjoy the browse on the instant queue.
You can only watch certain movies on the instant queue - it is hardly the full Netflix library. New additions do arrive every week and the library is growing. My advice is don't get your hopes set on a movie and see what you stumble on. Usually it's something fun to re-watch. There are a lot of bad movies too. Watch out for from some unscrupulous production companies (Looking at you: Transmorphers) I have found some real gems in here and some surprising timely updates for certain shows. Spartacus and Blue Mountain State are updated as they air on regular cable.

The true beauty of Netflix instant queue is: no waiting. Our kids will laugh at us in the future. You are not downloading anything, you a literally playing your feature directly from Netflix servers via your internet connection, instantly. It truly feels like you are beating cable. Of course, the cable companies are not thrilled with this and aspects of Net Neutrality are being raised

Spartacus: Blood & Sand
Blue Mountain State
(Seasons 1&2)
BBC's Survivors
(Seasons 1&2)
Robotech Macross
(The whole 85 episodes!)
The Human Centipede
(You know you want to see it)

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  1. My roommates and I don't have cable, what have a PS3 and Netflix!